Full Ceramic Crowns

When a tooth is too much damaged a crown is the way to protect it offering aesthetics and function. For a long time metal-ceramic crowns (PFM Porcelain Fused on Metal) were our first choice. Nowadays where appearance is the utmost concern, we prefer all-ceramic crowns where there is no metal frame.

In the past years, a number of companies have developed new processes and materials for fabricating all-ceramic crowns which offer the same strength as the PFM thus making them suitable also for the back teeth which experience bigger chewing forces.

In our clinic, we use:
> Emax Crowns. More suitable for the front teeth
> Monolithic Zirconia for the back teeth
> Layered Zirconia crowns for the front teeth

which all embrace the concept of computer-assisted design and computer-assisted machining. (CAD/CAM)

All-ceramic crowns can also be used for short-span bridges.


All-ceramic crowns offer: 
 - Natural look
 - They demand less preparation than the PFM because they can be very thin. That means we remove less tooth substance to prepare the tooth for a crown.
 - They have very good compatibility with the gums.
 - They can be ready in only 2 appointments


 - They are more expensive than the PFM
 - We cannot use them in long-span bridges
Quality of life
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