Cosmetic dentistry starts with whitening

Bring out your shine with Professional Whitening

A bright and white smile not only presents a healthy and beautiful impression but also allows a person to have more social self- confidence. Tooth whitening is a safe, simple and minimal invasive way of transforming the brightness of your smile.


The tooth is a semi-permeable membrane. The whitening agent in the gel (carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide) penetrates the tooth, thus extrinsic and intrinsic stains and the yellow color.


There are individual variations since the color improvement depends on several factors
the cause of discoloration
the initial colour of the teeth
the cooperation during the home whitening treatment
the lifestyle after treatment (smoking, coffee consuming etc
Fortunately, discolouration caused by all of these factors responds extremely well to whitening treatment, which can leave your teeth many shades whiter. The extent of whitening may be different from person to person but often, it may be all that is required to help your smile shine again


Sensitivity to cold is a common discomfort during tooth whitening. It usually disappears in a few hours. Sometimes may last until the next day. In these cases we recommend to avoid consuming cold or hot food and use a special sensitivity toothpaste and gel. A burning sensation of the gums and occasionally, a transient change of taste may occur although is very rare.


To keep your white and bright smile for a long time you must:
- Avoid foods and drinks that contain strong coloring substances, eg coffee, red wine, etc.
- Do not smoke
- Brush your teeth 2 times a day
- Use interdental brushes and the toothpaste that we will recommend you
A simple whitening procedure can be repeated every 1 to 2 years to maintain the result.


The duration of treatment depends on the degree of discoloration, your cooperation and the method of whitening you will follow to bleach your teeth. Before whitening you always have to have a cleaning of the tartar built-ups and polish of your teeth so you can find the real color of your teeth shade with a special shade guide. Your dentist will also check for any hidden cavities that may cause a problem if not taken care before whitening. Then the dentist will take an impression of your teeth to send to the technician to prepare a set of custom- made whitening trays which are necessary for both in-office and at-home procedures.


With this method you can have the white smile you desire in one two-hour session. You will continue with the trays and whitening material you are given at home- to stabilize the results- for a couple of days and only two hours per day . Thus you have your trays ready for a future touch-up.

Steps For In-House Teeth Whitening With Philips Zoom Whitening Lamp

1. First we apply vitamin E oil to the lips

2. Then we place the lip retractor

3. We take a pre-treatment picture using the intraoral camera and record the starting shade, according to the shade guide

4. We place gauzes in the upper and lower vestibules, as well as in the left and right inner cheek areas

5. We place a white paper face shield around the lips, to protect the patient's face from any whitening gel dripping

6. We provide the patient with orange goggles to protect the eyes

7. Then we apply a liquid dam and isolate the gums. Light cure upper gums for 10-20 seconds, as well as lower gums.

8. Finally we apply the whitening gel and start the Zoom Lamp.

9 . We reapply the whitening gel every 15 minutes, for 3 or 4 intervals, depending on patient sensitivity tolerance

10. At the end of the final session we wipe the excess gel with warm, wet gauze, throw away the hardened liquid dam and gauze and let the patient rinse with warm water.

11. We take a final picture and record the ending shade guide. Give post-treatment instructions and dismiss the patient.

12. You will continue with your custom made trays and whitening material you are given at home- to stabilize the results- for a couple of days and only two hours per day. Thus you have your trays ready for a future touch-up.


Steps for At-home whitening procedure

With your custom made trays and the whitening kid given to you, you will have your whitening at the comfort of your home.

Usually at-home procedures lasts from 1 to 2 weeks for 4 to 8 hours during the night according to the instructions of the brand your doctor will use.

1. Before starting the procedure every night it is better to follow your oral hygiene. Brush your teeth with the whitening toothpaste we will provide and floss.

2. Try in your custom-made trays before applying the whitening gel

3. Put a small portion of the whitening gel for each tooth in the tray.

4. Put the tray in the mouth and wipe off any excess of the whitening gel.

5. After completing the recommended time ( that depends on the concentration of the whitening agent in the gel) you remove the trays and brush your teeth. You wash the tray and keep it in a safe dry place.

6. You follow the same procedure for 8 days.

During the whitening period is recommended to avoid smoking, coffee, tea, red wine, and any drinks/food with colorants.

most of us 

agree that a whiter smile is simply more attractive, you might not realize that a whiter smile actually comes with many health benefits, including psychological benefits.
Boost your Self-Confidence
Every time you talk or smile, your teeth are going to be on display. When you have stained teeth usually you hesitate to smile. With whiter teeth, you will feel more confident and exude a much higher level of self-confidence.
When you see people in the street, at a new job, or anywhere for the first time, when you flash your bright, white smile, strangers are going to naturally have a more positive first impression of you and they are more likely to smile back.
Younger Appearance
Yellowed and dingy-looking teeth are often associated with age. Teeth naturally get more yellow by age. As a result, when you have whiter and better-looking teeth, you will have a more youthful appearance.
Build Success
Just as strangers will automatically have a more positive opinion of you, you are more likely to succeed at work when you have a radiant smile. Studies have shown that an unattractive smile can actually damage a person’s work reputation whereas a brighter smile can help boost a better relationship with your clients, boss, and co-workers.
Mood Booster
The happier you are with your teeth, the more likely you are to show them off to other people. Even if you are feeling down, the more that you smile, the better chances you will have to boost your mood. Smiling is a great stress reducer. It releases endorphins, which are a kind of happiness booster within your brain. As a result, you will find that you simply feel better.
Better Home Care
When you have better-looking and brighter teeth, you will find yourself more inclined to keep them that way. Studies show that patients who whiten their teeth will increase their home care by brushing and flossing more and reducing their intake of red wine and coffee, in an effort to prevent any staining.
Quality of life
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