Pediatric Dentistry

Babies must start brushing as soon as the first tooth appears in the mouth at the age of six months old. There are special finger- toothbrushes that young mums can use to brush their babies teeth.

The first visit to the dentist is recommended at the age of 3-3.5 where the baby teeth are all in the mouth.
At the first visit we try to get our young patients familiar with the dental chair and tools so they feel more comfortable with the environment.

We polish their teeth, show the proper brushing technique, advice them on their nutrition habits and offer a small reward so the next visit will be more pleasant.
At the age of six where the first permanent molars erupt behind the deciduous teeth we recommend the sealants of grooves and fissures. Sealants are plastic coatings that are placed on the chewing surfaces of molars to prevent the impaction of plaque that can lead to decay.

At the age of 8 we recommend a panoramic x-ray to check for missing supernumerary teeth situations that need to be taken care of early in age.

A regular six-month check up is recommended

• to detect any decay at its very early stages
• for a fluorite application to prevent and reduce tooth cavities
• check any abnormal eruption of the baby or permanent teeth that may need early treatment
• to identify any growth skeletal problems and thumb sucking that can cause problems
• consultation on orthodontic problems

Quality of life
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