Modern technology
in our clinic

The use of modern technology in our clinic is no longer a matter of prestige but our everyday routine.

Intraoral Scanner Trios 5

We are very proud about our latest investment in the new era of digital dentistry. Now we can create digitally virtual models of the hard and soft tissue of your mouth within seconds offering comfort accuracy and speed. We no longer need to use uncomfortable impressions which cause nausea and vomiting.

Diode Laser

In modern times, every doctor's office must be equipped with a laser. With it, we can handle the soft tissue of the mouth faster, without pain or blood for a more comfortable experience at the dentist.

Dental loupes

You can’t treat what you can’t see.
Loupes are the magnifying glasses that dentists wear when working in the mouth. That allows us to have a full and expanded view of the working field optimizing visualization so nothing is missed or overlooked. In our clinic we use both loupes X3 and X5.

Digital Smile Design

Is a treatment planning protocol that allows the trained dentist to analyse through a full-face photo the patients facial and dental structure. This analysis enables the dentist to create the new smile through a special software program and present it to the patient before even the treatment starts.

Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed

In the modern world white smile is a must. With the zoom we offers a painless process that can remove the toughest stains and create a dazzlingly white, long-lasting smile in just one hour.

Centrifuge Machine for Stem Cells

Quatro machine for the fabrication of PRP and PRF. Procedures that enhance a better and faster healing in implants surgery and extraction.

Digital Panoramic

Our clinic is equipped with the latest panoramic xray machine which is assessed yearly by professionals for proper function and reduce radiation exposure.

Intraoral Xray

The scanner is a device designed to automatically read reusable dental imaging plates. The digital processing and quick results make it a great option for patients looking for a convenient x-ray.

Contemporary endodontic equipment

Electronic apex locator, rotary instruments for preparation of the root canals and the three dimensional obturation of the roots with warm gutta-percha are the basic principles of a long term successful root canal treatment. This protocol is our standard in the clinic.
Quality of life
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